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TEAM POSITIVE MUSCLE (Online-Only Coaching)

Product Details
Online-Only Diet Coaching with Tad the Diet Coach
Online-Only Diet Coaching is our electronic version of diet coaching intended for anyone who wants personalized diet management from Tad the Diet Coach, and who doesn't mind only communicating via the web, email and through their online program interface we provide. This program includes an online area where all your diet and program information can be retrieved.

*Tad the Diet Coach doesn't take everyone who wants this service from him, please email and make sure that he has room for you on his online only roster. Otherwise, you may sign up with Bernadette Inoue or John Ferrell for online only Tad the Diet Coach mentored coaching.
This program includes:
1. Nutrition Plan
2. Supplement schedule
3. Workout program
4. Cardio schedule
5. Private online area to post questions at any time
6. Weekly online evaluations where changes will be posted if needed

*Note: The online-only diet coaching program is NOT intended for competitors and can not be used to prepare for any contests. If you wish to prepare for a contest, please see our premium diet coaching program which include a more personalized help along with weekly phone consultations.
This program is a monthly subscription and requires a 30 day email notice of cancelation. $179/month (no contract commitment)
**There is a no refunds policy on any coaching programs.
**Please select your preferred coach from the pull down menu below.
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